About Us


Princess Perplexity is a shared dream created by identical twin sisters, Ashley and Sarah, who are both mothers and former Disneyland Princesses. The twins grew up utterly captivated by fairytales, magic and epic adventures.  Quite often, family and friends would find them making up creative and imaginative games and telling each other elaborate stories at night instead of sleeping. When they grew up and went off to college, they took a chance and attended their first Disneyland face character audition, where they were cast and offered the role of three Princesses. The twins were official Disneyland Princesses for six years where they experienced magical life-changing  moments. Above all, their favorite part of working for the Mouse was making the dreams of children and children at heart come true. This passion is what ultimately led to the creation of Princess Perplexity. Their vast experience as character actors, love of children, passion for storytelling and natural gift of entertaining fashion the foundation of their art.  Ashley and Sarah craft the concepts, ideas, style and design of each episode drawing inspiration from their childhood memories as well as their own children’s imagination.  Princess Perplexity’s mission is to share a positive, fun and empowering message centered around loving others as well as yourself.