Welcome to our Blog

Hey there Royals, and welcome to the Princess Perplexity Blog Platform. We decided to create a space where you can come and read all about your favorite fairytale princesses, their thoughts, perspectives and ideas. This will be the place to keep updated on all the ‘going on’s’ of our YouTube channel, Instagram, and Magical Adventures. We will also spill our favorite stories and experiences from our days at Disneyland, and growing up as twins. We promise to keep you up to date with our favorite makeup and fashion trends so you too can dress and feel like a princess everyday. We will talk about different ways to develop our inner beauty and strength as well because being a true princess comes from our light within. We all want to shine bright and light up the world with our strength and kindness. We look forward to this epic journey with all of you! More magic to come soon so stay tuned! 

Kisses xxx