Princess Perplexity – Why YouTube?

Today, while trying to avoid adulating, I was mindlessly staring at FaceBook on my phone. As I scrolled past political post, ads, and funny memes I came upon a FaceBook memory post. You know, when Face Book reminds you of something you posted years ago. It was a picture from our first episode we filmed for Princess Perplexity. I was in my Cinderella outfit with at least three happy little girls all trying to fit on my lap. Above the picture in an orange bar it said, 2 years ago. Two years? Has it really been a full two years? We have come such a long way from that day. A day where I wasn’t sure if we were ever going to figure this all out, but we did. Maybe we still don’t have it all figured out, but we are proud to have a thriving channel, two full seasons wrapped, and an amazing fan base! This is all relative of course, but to many we are a relative success. When people find out what we do we are frequently asked “why YouTube”?

So, why did we start our YouTube channel? Well…

There are actually a few ways I can answer this. The short answer would be, for our kids and for our sanity. Before we became wives and mothers we were performers. We have supported ourselves and worked since the day we graduated. Like the actual day after High School graduation we left home for work and college and have lived on our own from then on. A few years into college we decided to attend Character Auditions at Disneyland. We were hired and then finally able to support ourselves with our passion for performing. We were getting paid to do what we loved. As we grew older we fell in love and got married to our husbands. We made the decision to hang up our tiaras and leave the Disney Company.

Soon after, we gave birth to our first babies, Brydon and Rylee, only two months apart. Both of us have always known that once we had kids we wanted to stay home with them if possible. We are both in a position in which we can. It is a blessing and a curse, as many stay at home moms will tell you. A few years into raising our kids as stay at home moms something became very clear to us. We needed a creative outlet centered around our passions, gifts and what we love. We wanted a project that was ours, but that our kids could be involved in too. A kid-friendly YouTube channel seemed to be the most logical answer.

Our kids love YouTube and all the entertainment it has to offer. We however, wanted to do more than toy videos and surprise eggs – although we love those types of videos at the right time and place. A family doc series didn’t appeal to us either. So, we got to thinking, what do we know well, enjoy and have years of experience in? The answer was easy… fairytale princesses and entertaining kids. There was no quality princesses-based web series that were appropriate for children, or even with children in them. We knew that we could change that and bring an innovative world of magic to everyone. We just didn’t know how. What we did know was that we had a good idea and a lot of talented friends. FaceBook is a great way to put an idea out and see if anyone wants to join you. That is exactly what we did.

We posted about our aspiration to start a web series and asked if anyone could join us as the production team. Enter Amber and Art, our production team, both amazingly talented and patient. They truly make an incredible team! I googled how to write scripts, Sarah and I dove into it head first. We began creating content. We experienced a million ups and downs. We taught ourselves social media through trial and error. Most importantly, we never gave up. We couldn’t. It is too much fun. Our kids love it. They bring their friends to filming’s and have all sorts of ‘elementary street credit’ for being on YouTube. It’s a journey that is far from over, but it’s a question we know the answer to.

Why YouTube? Because, it’s an awesome platform where we can create and share art, utilize our passions, gifts and have tons of fun with our family and friends.